1. If there any discrepancies in the above amount, Please notify the Admission Department Immediately.
  2. All fees paid are non- refundable.
  3. Payment received after the deadline is subject to a late payment charge of LKR 1000.00 per week.
  4. Request for extension of payment due date must be made before the due date with supporting document for your request. Extension for payment will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Please indicate the student’s name and/or Student ID in all bank deposit/ Transfers
  6. All Cheque should be drawn in favor of The ACTIIVE TECH NETWORKS (PVT) LTD.
  7. Dated cheque will not be accepted.
  8. Actiive Tech Networks (Pvt) ltd reserves the rights to alter all dates, fees and any particulars in the brochure without prior notice.
  9. An administration fee of RS. 2000/= will be charged for re-printing certificates due to loss or damage.
  10. A student card will be issued by the college. In case of loss or damage the card will be replaced with a fine Rs.500/=.
  11. To be eligible to obtain the student job confirmation letter from ATN Campus, you must be at the age of 30 or below and have a minimum 5 passes in O/L examination.
  12. ATN Management will closely monitor the student’s attitudes during the study period and 80% attendance is must. In any given circumstances if you failed to fulfill the intuition’s expectations your scholarship letter will be automatically cancelled.
    1. On a request basis if any student drops out from the institute he/she can rejoin within a 1 ½ year period for free of charge. (This period will be calculated from your requested period to the present date)If it exceeds there will be an additional charge.