Graduates of this course will acquire the necessary skills required to manage
a network and maintain its security. We also porovide laboratory
facilities, for the study of key areas, such as, network operating systems,
network management and network implementation.

This program oers a unique opportunity to learn about specialist security
techniques and use real-world networking equipment in a security context.
Students are also educated about market-leading Cisco Routing & Switching
Techniques, security appliances, ethical hacking techniques, vulnerability
analysis, penetration testing and data encryption technology.

This program also oers exibility in the nal year; with optional units
including areas such as Server Windows 2008, Exchange, Administration and
aVaried Catalog of Linux Administration/Unix Shell Scripting / Emerging
Web Technologies and Cloud Computing/SAP Administration.


Computer systems and network, establishes link between people
andbusinesses on a global scale. Business and industry is dependent on
diversenetwork technologies and there is a high demand for professionals
fordesigning as well as eciently managing network systems.
Our technology-infused course comprises technology,security and networking
modules and thus oers diverse job opprtunities for students.We also

emphasize on the installation, operation, security and maintenance of comput-
er systems as well as networks as far as business and industry is concerned.

The course will equip the students with the essential skills for designing,
implementing and managing systems eectively to ensure that people
benets from the use of these systems. This learning will also help the students
to manage, design, implement, congure and operate secure networks on a
professional footing and identify the threats to network security and formulate
and implement defense strategies and mechanisms.

  • Duration

    3 Years
    Top-up 1 Year

  • Intake

    January / May / September

  • Requirement

    Advance Level or Foundation Programme

  • Top-up Requirement

    • HND in specialized eld Advanced Diploma CEH /CISP
    • Professional Diploma in IT (Awarded by ETVA and Lincolin)